(‘STI’) drawing

JG 1-25-16

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Description: see the examples in the portfolio; drawings occur in less than ten seconds.

                  The individual has a pad or stack of pages (opaque vellum 18’ X 24” or larger) ready to draw upon. He or she is standing over a desk or table (or kneeling on the floor) with unclothed model posed in front.  A dagger brush is loaded with highly fluid Speedball ink. The scale of the interpretation is expected to stay in the range of one to one. For each drawing, the statement is performed during the course of a single thought (3 to 5 seconds). Then, the individual picks up the page; it needs to be taken to a place to dry on the floor behind the chair. This has the subtle effect of resetting one’s attention, refining one's focus, and optimizing the body's motor action for the next drawing. An individual can expect to make at least 40 drawings per session. There is a lot of action as each drawing needs to be placed on the floor somewhere to dry for 20 minutes or so.  The floor does get filled; there is dashing about; everyone is tiptoeing through an overgrown garden of glistening black vitality on pristine white vellum. This is a dance of sorts; the complexity is mounting; the rapport is refreshingly free from self-conscious performance.   

                  The approach is probably different than any gesture drawing class that you may have been involved with. It is quite specific; and, it is far from ‘open drawing’. It is far from exploration and refinement of a practiced method of drawing. We request that those who join, will be diligent about internal attention and accept the limit that is proposed. It is important for the rapport of the group. This is more of a cognitive exercise than a drawing technique. Individuals will instantly generate unmistakably original impressions that are completely free from pretense or belabored efforts.

                  A drawing session is scheduled for 2 hours. The reasonable number of participants is relevant to the staging area needed for the pages to dry. Outside the “surround”, 20’ X 2’ is needed for each person as pages are laid out. The cost needs to cover the fee for the model, the space, the paper, a ‘dagger’ brush, a bowl of ink, and cleanup. The cost at this time is $50/ class; unless, you have your own brush. Those who return, will have your own brush...